Patient-friendly, Liftless,
     Mobility for Nonambulatory
     or Bed-bound Patients
The NoLifting Trademark
Environmental Requirements of the
NoLiftingTM System

  • Patient must weigh 250 pounds or less with current design (future changes could allow for higher weight limits)
  • Examining or radiology table surface must be Hi-Lo (adjustable to approximately chair-level height)
  • Hospital or home-care bed also must be height-adjustable
  • Doors must be at least 28 inches in width (normal for homes)
  • Patient's room must be able to accommodate a normal wheelchair (18 inch seat) which is approximately 26 inches wide
  • In most cases, only one caregiver is required for transfer
  • Bed must have at least 40 inches of clearance on the right side (to position the transfer device) and 18 inches clearance on the opposite side

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